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CIM Training 2012: Week #11

CIM 2012: Week #11
Monday - Yoga
Tuesday - Power
Wednesday - Pilates / Speedwork (5.5miles)
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Rest  (Good bye Garmin 405)
Saturday - Yoga 90 mins (1.5 miles)
Sunday - City to the Sea 1/2 ( 13.1 miles)
Total Mileage for Week =  20miles

Anne and I at the start of City to the Sea 1/2 Marathon

Oh my! It has been a while since I posted my training results. Life has been busy and full of surprises which I won't bore you with, but let me catch you up on the five weeks of training that has gone by.

Monday was my Yoga day. My right shoulder was bothering me in the previous week. I know it must have been due to my poor form of "up-dog".  I'll have to remember to drop my knees instead of straight up planking prior to getting into the up dog position. That should relieve the pressure from my shoulders. That seemed to help.

Tuesday was another day of cross training where I did Power. However, my right shoulder was still mad so I lightened up the load on the weights a little. I managed to complete the full hour.  

Wednesday was Pilates.  My shoulder was starting to feel better. I am trying to be careful with some of the moves. I found this great Pilates instructor on You Tube and she posts her routine regularly. It's great because you can pick and choose how much you want to do or how so inclined you would be to work hard. She focuses on different muscles, not just the core.  The variety keeps me motivated to follow her moves. Check it out: enter Pop Pilates on the You Tube search channel. (I would have linked it here but my iPad won't allow me.) This may not be for everyone. At times, she's a little too chirpy for me, but you just have to get past that and you'll get an awesome workout. Heck, even with one of her 10minute routine, I felt it the next day!

Wednesday night at the track was uneventful. I ran pyramid of 800/1200/800. There was supposed to be another 1200 in there, but I knocked it to one since I had a 1/2 marathon coming up towards the end of the week and I didn't want to push it.  Instead I added some 4x  20 sec strides in the end of my workout.

Thursday was a rest day. Oh yes! Thank you!

Friday was the day I decided to let my Garmin 405 go. I've had my eyes on the 610 ever since the touchscreen model  came out in 2011. And since I have all kinds of gift cards for my birthday, all I would really need is to sell my current watch to shore up my shortfall with my gifcards.  Luckily, my fellow CIM'er, Linda was in the market for a Garmin. She was interested and therefore we made the exchange. It was a win-win!   The only caveat was, I won't be able to have my new one until I can pre-order it which may be end of October.  Then  there would be another week of waiting for it to be shipped. I only hoped it would arrive before CIM!

Well, let me back up a bit. Just before I were to pull the trigger on the Garmin Forerunner 610, I ran into a picture of a white version of the watch. There was no description whatsoever, I thought " hmm, that's odd, could this be an old picture?  Where's the black one?"

So I waited one day! The next day, Garmin announced the multi color version, marketed especially for women.  It's about time Garmin! I was saved by the bell! I was so glad I waited. I had no idea. Again,  the only caveat was,  it was only available by pre-order through Garmin. All my gift cards  were from the Running  Warehouse, so I had to wait until the RW could order them. In the meantime, I hunted down my old Timex Ironman watch and replaced the battery.  It was a big change. I cant calculate my paces while on the run, I had to wait until I got home to figure it out. Oh how I missed my Garmin! 

Saturday was 90 minutes of Yoga. I decided not to run since the race was  tomorrow. I could benefit more  from stretching than a run.

Sunday race day!  This was the only 1/2 marathon I have planned for the year. It was crucial to my training plan as this would indicate my fitness level at this juncture. The only things was, I had to borrow a watch with a GPS so that I can monitor my pace. Thankfully Jenifer at work,  had the same model Garmin as the one I sold. I was able to arrange the fields as I had on  my previous one.  

Onto the race. The race started in downtown San Luis Obispo and wound its way to Pismo Beach any the Dinosaur Caves.  Even though we had an early start of 7am, it soon got  hot as we got only  into the 3rd mile. I kept a good pace until mile 8 when my overall pace was 8:39.  I can't explain it other than the heat got to me. I slowed down dramatically because between mile 8-13, my pace increased to 9:27! Cramps  came on mile 10 and 11. They were a different kind of cramps from before. These were sharp shooting pains in my calves. someone told me I may be in need of electrolytes. Salt was not  enough. In the end, I was happy with my finish of 
1:58:26.  One of the changes that I was happy about was that I forgot to put my iPod on. I ran without music the entire time. I was surprised. That I didn't even miss it. 

Well there goes my week of training. Overall it went well but I still have a ways to go. My half marathon finish  reminded me that I need to pay attention to my electrolyte consumption. I can't have cramps foiling my plans at CIM.  This race offered a good lesson to remember.  Until next time, happy running! 

The first and only downhill I remember...

The heat taking its toll; me panting near the finish line.
My hard earned medal.

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