Thursday, November 29, 2012

Race Week To Do List

Race Week #18 (4 days of running)

• Mon: Yoga 30 min + 2.5 mi w/ 6x8-sec hill sprints REST  Massage
• Tues: Pilates 10 min gentle REST
• Wed: 5 w/ 2 @MP REST
• Thurs: 2.5 mi w/ 6x8-sec hill sprints 4 miles EZ
• Fri: REST
• Sat: 2-4 mi @ 11:00 pace
(Total 6-8 miles)

The list below is my to do list for race week. Hopefully this will help me do all the right things to increase my chances of performing my best come race day.
1. Drink more water – I will start hydrating on Monday rather than the day before a race. I'm going to keep my bottle of water handy at work and remember to drink throughout the day. Experts say keep urine light yellow in color. Otherwise if your pee is colorless, then you're drinking too much. 

2. Eat carbohydrate rich foods – Start increasing the amount of carbohydrates at the beginning of the week, but not overheat. I'm going to avoid sweets and fatty food. 

3. Limit my caffeine intake – In the days before the race, I will limit my coffee to one cup a day. No more afternoon and after dinner mugs of coffee. 

4. Get more beauty rest – I will retire an hour early every night in the last week to rest up. I'm typically very restless the night before the race, so this way, I can offset that imbalance. 

5. I may get a foot massage – A foot massage on the Wednesday or Thursday might be due. That will relax me and loosen me up. Time to pamper the feet, because they will be working hard soon. 
6. Focus on pace work and short speed – No big miles this week, just keep the workouts short and sweet. 
7. Take rest days – Rest means rest! Not going to be lifting any heavy boxes at work. (Sorry Tina, I hope you don't have any files shipping in this week.) 

8. Try to relax – Focus on all of the preparations that made me get ready for my race by reading my running log which shows how far I've come in 18 weeks. That usually relaxes me and makes me confident and believe in my training. 

9. Have all of my gear prepared a week before the race – I don’t have to worry about it at the last minute. I put all of my gear in a laundry basket. As I remember them, I throw it in the basket. 

10. Chillax – The bottom-line is to chill and relax both mentally and physically in the week before the race.

11. No rushing allowed on race morning – Get up at 3 am, to allow plenty of time  to wake-up, eat, and get my pre-race bathroom trips (#2) out of the way.

What does your race week comprise of?

Happy running!


  1. maniac 2608...recovering from an injury. Hope to get my miles back up!

  2. Hope you are recovering well Cindy! I am still reeling from this terrible race experience. I having a hard time getting it on paper!