Sunday, November 18, 2012

CIM Traning 2012: Week #16

Whoa! I'm here already? I can hardly believe it. In the beginning of the training cycle as I read through 18 weeks of workouts that I've laid out, I wonderered if I would survive it. And now here I am still standing and without any injuries. I must say that I credit the cross training combination to a healthy training. Yoga, Power and Pilates certainly strengthened my running. 

This week marks the beginning of my 3-week taper period. Mileage is cut back from my high of 40 miles a week to 20-45-65% (weeks 16, 17, and 18).  I am looking forward to the restful 3 weeks.  The gameplan  is to keep runs short while keeping the intensity at the same time.

Week #16 (4 days of running)
• Mon: Yoga 1 hr
• Tues: Power 1 hr + 2 mi (w/ hill sprints)
• Wed: Pilates 10 min + 6 mi (5x600 with 50-90% of interval for rest)
• Thurs: REST
• Fri: REST
• Sat: 8 mi w/6@MP   10 mi MP+30-sec
• Sun: 14 mi EZ
(Total 32 miles)

Week #17 (3 days of running)
• Mon: Yoga 1 hr
• Tues: 6 mi (3x1600@5K effort 50-90% interval rest)
• Wed: Pilates 10 min gentle
• Thurs: Hunger Race: 8 mi (2 mi @ 9:30; 4 mi @8:50; 2 mi @ 8:40-8:45 pace: 1:11 finish)
• Fri: REST
• Sat: 3 mi @ 11:00 pace 3-4 pick ups
• Sun: 5 mi MP
(Total 22 miles)

Race Week #18 (4 days of running)
• Mon: Yoga 30 min + 2.5 mi (hill sprints)
• Tues: Pilates 10 min gentle
• Wed: 5 mi (2 @MP)
• Thurs: 2.5 mi (hill sprints)
• Fri: REST
• Sat: 4 mi @ 11:00 pace 3-4 pick ups
(Total 14 miles)

• Sun: CIM-26.2 mi

Week #16 
Wednesday was all about keeping the intensity at the same time reducing the volume of the workout. With that, I opted to run 5x600s with 90% of the interval for recovery. The group ran 3x1600s with 100m recovery.  This very workout is on  my schedule for next Tuesday. Tonight I needed something much shorter since I was sore from Power. 

The 600s tonight were short and tiring. Because I did my power routine late in the day on Tuesday, instead of the usual 7 am time. Consequently, I had shortened my recovery leading to the Wednesday night speed work.  Hence my quads were a bit sore. It worked out that I was sore otherwise I would have pushed it on the 1600s and I could have hurt myself.  It crossed my mind to swap this week to next week since the group was doing the 1600s. Things have a way of working itself out. 

On  Saturday I originally planned to do pace work. However since it was raining, my muscles took  a long  time to  warm up. In fact,  it was  close to the end before I got in the groove.  I already had the mileage in and didn't want to add anymore.  I ended up running 8 miles at MP +20 seconds after my 2 mile warm up. I couldn't hit my pace so I didn't sweat it. I was not worried since I have next week to work on it some more.

Sunday was pretty much like the day before: rainy.  I ran with fellow CIMer buddies and completed about 14 miles on Turri Road. It was a leisurely pace of 10:45 and we paid attention to the hills and how it compares to the CIM course. I was glad the girls were with me. Last year  around  this time, I was running this mileage at a faster pace two weeks out from race day.  I was glad Linda and Myrna were with me to watch my pace. I have to remember the plan is to stray relaxed. I think we achieved that.  After shivering in the rain, we stopped by Starbucks for some much needed hot coffee.  Brrrr!

The hard work is done. I have a final long run of 8 miles next Thursday on Thanksgiving Day.  Originally I planned to run this sort of a relaxed pace. But since I am cutting out the 10-mile long run for next Sunday, this 8-mile race will take its place instead. Then on Sunday I will run a 5-mile pace run.
I think it's going to work and I'll be tapered and ready to go. Here's to a fabulous Week  #16!
Happy running! 


  1. Hi Aileen,
    Looks like you're totally ready for CIM. Let's hope the rain doesn't slow us down. All the best and Good Luck to you! Go Alieen!!!

  2. Hey Misty! I was ready but the weather thwarted my plan. Oh we'll, that's the way it goes sometimes.