Thursday, November 29, 2012

CIM Training 2012: Thanksgiving Taper

Week #17 (4 days of running)

• Mon: Yoga 1 hr

• Tues: 6 mi (3x1600@5K effort 50-90% interval rest) w/10x100m strides

• Wed: Pilates 10 min gentle REST

• Thurs: Hunger Race: 8 mi REST (2 mile walk in the evening) 
• Fri: REST 3 mi EZ w/6x hill sprints 
• Sat: 3 mi EZ 5 mi (2x2.5 MP)
• Sun: 5 mi MP 8 mi EZ
(Total 22 miles)

This week is coming at me very fast.  Tuesday was a fast workout. I joined my fella CIM'ers at the track to run some 10 x 100m after some two mile warm up. It took some getting used to, to run a speed workout first thing in the morning when the body is still cold. I ran the 100s faster than normal. As the day wore on, I realized this was the case. I was lucky I didn't injure myself. Especially having done no drills to start off the fast running.  Luckily the next day was a rest day. 

Thursday was The Hunger Run for 8 miles.  I was prepared to run it. I even got dressed for it, but after discussing it with my Mom, it became clear to me that I shouldn't run it. I am much too close to race day, and if I know myself, I would race this and would not be able to hold myself back. Mothers know best!  (Thank you Mom for steering me right!) Case in point last year, I PR'ed on the course and fell consequently flat for the marathon at CIM. I'm not going to make that same mistake two years in a  row. I cheered my friends on and was happy to be on the sidelines helping out my running club, the San Luis Distance Club. We had 412 participants, raised $4,585 and 1,624 pounds of food for the local food bank. Awesome work!  
Friday I got back to work to clear my desk, my computer and wrap up stuff I'm in the middle of. After I come back from the marathon, I will only have two days left before I start my new job. It will be here before I know it. It was a quiet Friday as I anticipated and a perfect day to clean house. The best part is, I got my run out of the way first thing in the morning. I had four easy miles with 3 hill sprints. Had to remember to take it easy. I kept reminding myself, 'Not too hard, it's too close to be injured right now.' The sprints felt great, even though I was holding back my effort felt effortless. Compared the same pace I ran earlier in the training, that felt like a challenge. This is a definite sign that I am ready and peaking at the right time. 

Saturday was also another easy day of running 5.5 miles with 2 miles of tempoish/MP pace run. Well okay, you got me. I planned on doing an easier goal pace run, but went a little faster which ended up as tempo. I slept in and headed out at 9 am. It was sunny and I immediately felt hot. I don't like hot weather running. But it turned out okay since it was a short run.  I should really be more positive and not carry on this kind of negative thinking. It can carry on to the marathon. It's not allowed.

So Sunday, I planned to run with Linda and Myrna. Nothing fast, we just want to get our legs moving for 8 miles. This is it.  The final week is upon us. I still have to figure out what I'm going to wear. Look at me, I sound like I'm going to a party or something! 

Here's to a healthy week ahead! Thanks for reading.

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