Saturday, November 17, 2012

CIM Training 2012: Week #13

CIM 2012: Week #13

Monday - Yoga
Tuesday - Power
Wednesday - Pilates / Speedwork (3.95 miles)
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Tempo ( 8.69 miles)
Sunday - Long Run (17.95 miles including 4 mile race 34:01 at 8:30 pace)
Total Mileage for Week = 30.59 miles

I have been without my Garmin and I am anxiously waiting for the pre-order to begin. Everyday I check the RW website, hoping that red warning sign would turn into blue! So the waiting goes on...For now I have to be satisfied with looking at the picture, turning it sideways, backwards and forwards, zooming it so large I can see the screws on the band. Hah! It's a well made Garmin! I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Speedwork on Wednesday was about 3x 1600s with lap rest. My splits went well with 7:46/7:56/7:50. Surprisingly it went as well as it did, because I got to the track rather late. I was so late that I had no time to even get a lap of warm up. I usually do 2 miles of warm up or 8 laps around the track. I ran my miles without my iPod.

On Thursday I got a bit of good news.  RW emailed me with a response that I could go ahead an pre order the Garmin even though the website said it's not ready yet. They took my information down and was reassured that they would call me as soon as the watch came in. (Not so, as I would find out the next on.)

Friday was a rest day.  I got back on the RW site to do my usual twirling and spinning of this Garmin. I just wanted to see how it looks for the umpteenth time. Obssessed much?  Well, imagine my surprise when the warning about the preorder was removed. My head was spinning so fast, I immediately thought that it could only mean one thing: that the watch must be here. I got on the phone and told them that I would be down there in 5 minutes! I was so  excited!

Saturday was my maiden run with my Garmin 610! I was so impressed with my new watch. I love the color, the feminine appeal of it and best yet all the features. Watch out for my future post on the review.  Back to my run. I ran 2x2 miles which essentially fell into my training tempo pace of 8:18. I love the way it vibrates for every lap. That's just one of the features I was looking forward to try. Sometimes in a race, it is so loud, you can't hear the watch beep especially if you have your iPod turned on. So the vibration helps quite a bit. Anyway, I can't wait to write the review on it. I just need a couple of more weeks to put it to use before I can sit down and give it an honest and thorough review. But let me tell you right now, it had me at "hello".

Sunday was my maiden race with my Forerunner 610.  I had a 4 miler race scheduled after my 12-mile long run. After the race, I ran a 2 mile cool down which rounded out my 18 miles for today.
Pace for the 12 mile run was 10:02. The pace for the race was 8:38 and the cool down was 10:13. Overall my pace was 9:44.

Week 13 was done! I was happy that the watch came early and that I was able to use it on a race. I love my gadgets, can't you tell?

Happy running! I am!

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