Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Good-Bye My Garmin 405

Good-bye my dear friend. You and I had our ups and downs.  We've had our share of laughter and tears, through triumphs and disappointments.  We traveled to NYC together and twice you accompanied me to two PRs.  I cannot forget that.  Sometimes you came up short, but I still relied on you. There had been times at the track when you blinked out, like you ran out of juice or something. I ran my fastest splits only to find out, you weren't even recording it.  But I forgave you for that--It was probably my fault not yours. I took a risk in hoping you had one power for one more night; let's face it you can't go on ticking forever. But each time I gave you rest, you recharge like new. I will always be grateful for our times together.  I can't stay with you forever. I have to move on, if I am going to progress. I have to make room for someone new. But I am not abandoning you just like that. Linda promised to take good care of you. However, you also have to take good care of her. She wants you. So I bid you good-bye. I will see you from time to time.   

Good-Bye my dear friend, you're going to a good home. Linda will take care of you. I promise.

Boxed up like new again...

Oh hello there...What's your number? 610?

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