Thursday, July 21, 2011

Training for New York City Marathon Week #3: Thursday

A little change up today. A 3 mile recovery run was on the schedule, but since I am planning on running Stride with the Tide 5k in Pismo Beach on Saturday, I won't be able to run the 5 mile pace work. So today, I ran somewhere in between. I ended up with 5.6 miles from the office to the Cal Poly Campus and a little bit of the canyon. I ran the last 2.60 miles at 8:41 pace and the first 3 miles at 9:45. So the overall pace for the whole run was 9:18.

This is good, since you're supposed to run the second half or 1/3 of the total miles with a fast finish. I've been trying to run by hitting this negative split--that's where you run the first half slower than the second half. Most world records are set by running this way. I'm not trying to break any world record here, just trying to break my personal best. I'm getting there.

After the hot run, I still felt like I could have run some more, but had to go back to work. Tomorrow will be a well deserved rest day. I have to prepare for the race on Saturday.This will be my second tune up race for NY. It will give me an indication whether I've improved if at all. Last time I ran this course, it was right after my first SFO marathon, my legs were still shaky but I pulled off 26 minutes and some change. It is on the hard packed sand so that will be a plus. Except the finsh under the pier is on soft sand, that's going to be a factor. We shall see!

Happy running and thanks for reading...

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