Friday, July 29, 2011

NYC Training Week #4: Thursday Recovery Run

What a fantastic day for a recovery run. A little warmer, but with the breeze it was just gorgeous. Again I ran late at 2:40. 

I had minor reservations about even running today since I ran my 3-in-1 workout last night, but all was well as it turned out. Again, another good sign that I can do this program, without getting beat up the next day.  The success of the program lies in the very fact that I can continue each day to follow the training without getting injured or even miss a day because of fatigue. I know, we are only on Week 4, but I hope it keeps going like this. 

I had to go without my Garmin today because I didn't want the added pressure. If it’s with me I tend to be a slave to it.  My goal today was pure recovery. I want to enjoy the short run by going slow. Leaving the watch in my gym bag was helpful. Although by, habit, I keep wanting to stop my watch at cross lights. It felt silly reaching for it and my wrist was bare. At times on a downhill, I would wonder how fast I was going. I really wish someday I can peg this pacing thing down by feel.

I am looking forward to a restful day tomorrow. The rest will allow me to prepare for a nice pace run on Saturday: 6 miles is on the menu.  I am also looking forward to my run on Sunday, my longest run to date at 13 miles in this training cycle, since The Avenue.  Training for the Avenue of the Giants in May seems like ages ago.  I haven’t decided on a route yet. It will depend on how quickly I can bounce back from the Saturday pace run. If I feel good I will go for a flatter route. I said flatter, since Los Osos is pretty much rolling. If I feel stronger, Turri Road it will be, with lots of long hills.

Happy running!

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