Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Training for New York City Marathon Week #3: Monday & Tuesday

Monday was a cross training day so I chose cycling. I found this great cycling workout from the web sometime ago, I wished I paid attention to whoever it was who shared it. It is a great workout especially if you are short on time. All it takes is 30 minutes.

Five minutes on level 8 to warm up.

(7 sets of the following which equals to 21 minutes)at 100 rpms.
30 seconds level 18
30 seconds level 8
2 minutes level 6

Finally, cycle for 4 minutes level 6 at 70 rpms to cool down.

Just to warn you, trying to hit 100 rpms on Level 18 is extremely hard. Just do the best you can. After the work out is over, it feels as if your legs are noodles. It's a great feeling.

This morning I woke up feeling like my legs were alright. But as soon as I hit the hilly six miles, I realized my quads got worked yesterday. The day got away from me and it was already three o'clock by the time I got out there. Probably the hottest time of day to run. I thought I would take it easy since the route I selected was rather hilly. As soon as I warmed up, I felt my turnover got faster even with the heat. I thought I should just go with it, until I tire myself out. When I got to the last major hill, I was beat and had convinced myself that after I get to the light I would reward myself with a walk. I had about 1 and 1/2 miles left to do. No sooner than that, a girl zoomed by me, flying through the stop light just before it turned red. She was my height,the competitive nature in me lit up, oh yeah? That stoplight took all eternity to turn green, but as soon as it did, I was on her trail. But it was only a flash in the pan. I got caught, in not one, but two more stoplights! Why did she get to have all the green lights? Then I lost her. But, thanks to her, by the time I finished, my pace was 9:18 min/mile. Just before she showed up my pace was 9:35! She made me shave 17 seconds per mile off my pace. It was fun playing catch her if I can. All in all, it was a good day.

Tomorrow night is speed on the track, 4 x 800s. It is my favorite speed workout, called the Yasso 800. I'll explain what that entails tomorrow. For now...Happy running.


  1. Hi Eileen- Not too clear about your cycling workout...I understand the levels but, not sure about the RPMS. Is that another setting on the bike? tks-

  2. The rpms are the revolutions per minute. The bike should have a counter and it tells you how fast you're going. The faster the cadence, the higher the number.