Saturday, July 30, 2011

NYC Marathon Training Week #4: Saturday Pace Run

Last night I stayed up well until midnight trying to come up with a new playlist.  That meant I got up pretty late this morning at 9:44am.  By the time I got out there, after breakfast, coffee and light stretching, it was already 10:30am.  Luckily, it was overcast and cool.

It was a great run, although I ran an 8:58 pace: 11 seconds faster per mile than my marathon pace. It was a little difficult to hit the 9:09 pace because my neighborhood is not entirely flat. I would try to compensate by going faster or slower, but they were all misses. There are lots of varied hills--short, long and rolling. For that I should be grateful since this is good practice to run on a hilly course. Today's run had two significant hills: one with a two minute climb and another just under one minute and a half.   The first hill is the same hill that I used for Wednesday night's hill workout. As I approached this hill today, I took a deep breath and anticipated the toll it would take to crest it. I concentrated on my breathing and even effort. Low and behold it was painless. I checked my pace and it said 9:04 as I got closer to the top. My best time from Wednesday night was 9:09 and that was with well rested legs!  What an improvement already.

Like I said I have a new playlist.  I picked up some songs by Nine Inch Nails, Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, U2, Pearl Jam, Matchbox 20, Fergie, MIA, Tori Amos, Kevin Rudolf, Lenny Kravitz, etc.  As soon as I do a few more test runs with the songs, I will publish it.  Today, there were some songs on my ipod that seemed great last night. Yeah, it was late, I must have been tired and not in the right frame of mind.   But as I tested them today while running, I was not feeling it. So I will have to chuck some out.  You're probably wondering, like what?  Okay: The Heat is On by Glenn Frey, from the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack. The fast beat last night was awesome.  Today, I couldn't take it after 10 seconds. Probably because it is so played out from the radio station.

There were a few that I really like for instance, my new favorite, a song called Sometime Around Midnight by Airborne Toxic Event. I've seen the music video two years ago on MTV and I swore when I first heard it, I wanted it, but forgot about it until last night when I heard it again.  The video was awesome and had something to do with a girlfriend being a ghost.  Right off the bat, you knew from just a few chords and rifts of that electric guitar, the buildup will be awesome.  By the end, the lead singer is screaming.  It is not an annoying screaming/singing by the way, it is perfect, well placed and necessary. It is five minutes long, and I know this will be a staple when I run my 800s, perfect build up pace.

Please don't laugh.  Another song that resonated well with me today is Run Forrest Run suite by Alan Silvestri. I didn't know it was going to come on when it did. As I hit my first hill today, the music came on just as I was almost at the top.  Again it was a nice buildup. It was perfect.

Then on my last 1/5 mile, I ran to William Tell Overture (Final) by Rossini. It is 2 minutes long and perfect for my visualizing the last 0.2 miles in Central Park. Yes, I ran to the Lone Ranger theme song.  Whatever it takes, right?
Rossini: Your William Tell Overture will accompany me to my finish in NYC 

Happy Running!

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