Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My First Blog - Welcome to My Running Adventures

Welcome to my running blog.  I am a running enthusiast, an adult onset athlete.  Funny thing is I've never ever been crazy about running as a child. Growing up in the Philippines, it was always hot, muggy, humid--not the ideal conditions for wanting to run.  In high school, the extent of my running was in competitive badminton. That was about it. In college, we all know about the Freshman 10. In my case the "Freshman 20". After graduating from UC Berkeley, I packed on 130 pounds in a 4"11" frame.  I was shopping for jeans one day at my favorite store, Ross, and was surprised that a size 8 jeans was too tight.  Without giving it much thought, my fingers did the walking to the section that read "size 10 petite".  Then it dawned on me.  What am I doing? This is not okay. I put the hanger back and rushed home to sign up at the neighborhood gym.  That was my beginning on the road to healthy change--well people who know me might say, my freakish obsession to running.

In this blog, I hope to cover all things running. I'd like to go back to how I got started, share the people who contributed to my running and more importantly, how I stay motivated. I will never forget the day I ran my first 5K in 1996 and to think that just a few days ago I completed my second 50K.  I am still giddy at the thought of crossing that finish chute. My love of running has gotten more intense in the last couple of years. I've competed in a number of local races from 5ks, 10ks, 1/2 marathons and marathons. I am not the fastest runner.  In fact, I am a middle of the pack runner, but I love running just as much as the next elite runner. My mission is to make my passion for running to be as infectious as can be.  If I am able to pull someone out of the couch and on to the road, track or the trail, I've made my part.  I'd like to share how someone who was once sedentary has now become an ultra trail running enthusiast. It didn't take overnight, don't get me wrong. It was not all love at first sight with running, but it was a grand adventure just the same. So stay tuned and let's talk shop.  


  1. Way to go! I can't wait to hear more.

  2. You are one crazy girl!! OK, I am too.

    Here's to a run that about kills you and you can tell your friends 'how you had to drap your body over a boulder to keep on going'. Now that's fun!

  3. Ok, you make me want to go on a run right now! So inspiring! I'm looking forward to hearing about all your adventures. ~ Erin

  4. Congratulations on the 50, Aileen!