Friday, August 20, 2010

Left Lane Sports--New Gears for the Trails

I really have no business pimping gears but look what I found online! Ships in one day.  I do believe I have every gear imaginable.  But I can't pass this up.  For $10.99 this handheld Ultimate Direction bottle is so cool. It's got neoprene sleevs--that mean's you can hang on to your cold drinks longer.  It's 50% off. 

Since I am on the site, might as well check out this Sugoi Helium Jacket that I've been eyeing for a while now.  Never could quite pull the trigger for full retail of $100.  But now that it is over half off, why not? It is so light at 3 oz.  Dude, that's a 100 grams! That's so perfect for the trail. I wished I had this last weekend at the PCTR Trail run in Montana De Oro. It's both wind and water resistant. I like the pocket at the back hip and the coverage of the drop tail hem. It's slightly fitted perfect for my boyish figure.  The website is LeftLane Sports--time to support our local company from our very own San Luis Obispo. I've compared their prices from the likes of Team which has the white one for $99. Rei-outlet has one for $38 (marine blue--too bright), it's a 2008 closeout  and the 2009 model (light blue) for $59. Seems like LeftLane got the best deal. Only thing is they are out of xs.  However, I know for a fact that Sugoi usually runs small. So I maybe in good hands.  I didn't plan this but they happen to match. Will let you know how fast shipping is. Boy oh Boy, I love getting presents.

There is a third product that I am eyeing as well: the Salomon XT Whisper Trail Shoes.  But I have to do more research.  I heard they are narrow.  That would prose a problem as I have wide feet.  I also have to insert my custom orthotics in it, so I might have to actually visit the store.  But what a deal for $55, normally $115. I'll hold off on the trail shoes.

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