Thursday, September 6, 2012

CIM 2012: Week 5

Week 5

MondayNoontime Yoga
Tuesday– Cross Train  Power
WednesdayPilates, Speed work 3 sets of 4 x 400s
Thursday– Power Rest
Friday–  Cross Train with short hills repeats 8x
SaturdayCambria Pine Dorado 5K
SundayLong Run16  14 miles
Total MilesM

Wednesday (7:27/7:28/7:20/7:10/6:51/6:45/6:58/7:06/6:55/7:19/7:21/6:38)
The workout was 3 sets of 4 x 400 with 1/2 lap recovery in between the quarters and full lap recovery between the sets. I was glad to see that I managed 5 quarters (out of 12) in the 6-something-minute/mile pace range. That's something new!  I never expect to see those paces this early in the game. I'm going to hold my breath about this. We'll see how it goes. There's more work to be done.

On Thursday, I  rewarded myself with a rest day, for having worked so hard with the 400s the night before.  My legs became stiffer as the day wore on. A 1.25-mile walk in the afternoon was a welcome break to stretch them out. It helped quite a bit.

On Friday  I was a tad worried that my legs would not be ready for today's cross training.  Again I performed the usual 25 minutes that consisted of 10 on the bike, 10 min on the elliptical and 5 minutes on the stair stepper. After that I ran some short 8-hill repeats. Legs should be wide awake for tomorrow's race.

Saturday Pine Dorado 5K (24:43)

OMG Elena's getting taller than me!

I was surprised my daughter decided to come along with me.  The night before she informed me that she will run the 5K. I wasn't going to force the issue and I thought to myself, if she gets up (5am) then we'll go. I didn't even need to wake her up. She woke up on her own. She set up her own alarm clock. (Thank goodness for the ipod touch!) We had oatmeal for breakfast and we were off to a less than 40 minute drive to Cambria. Elena did fantastic and shaved more than 2 1/2 minutes off her personal best. She ran a 33:33 for her second 5k ever! I couldn't be any more proud of her.  How many 12-year-olds do you know got up at 5 am in the morning, on their own, to run a gut-busting 5K on a Saturday morning, one week after the school year began? Not very many I can tell you that.
As for me, I was able to run another sub 25-minute 5K. I was 18 seconds slower than last year finishing this year at  24:43.  I was the second woman until the very last 1/2 mile when two passed me, engaging me to stay with them. I was grateful, but I couldn't sacrifice my long run the next day. I didn't glance at my time, but I felt that my effort was strong enough to break 25 and that's all that mattered. I earned  the 1st place in my age group category, so I was triple happy: my kid PR'd, I got my sub 25 and my age win. It was a great day!

Sunday MDO Trails (14 @ 11:21)

The plan was to run at 6:30am so that I can get back to the family and spend the rest of the day just chillin'. I didn't get out on the road until almost 7 am! But I was still the first one on the trail. I knew it because all the fresh spider webs still had the dew on it were in tacked and I was the one trail blazing it! Yuck! Really it was a beautiful morning. There the occasional white cotton tail rabbits scurrying about. It was a misty run, the morning was cool and the air was so fresh.

The trail I am supposed to come out of after the East Boundary climb

Doesn't look much, but my legs say this is a climb.

Bikers love this. There's a complimentary bell inside the bin, to alert runners or horses on trail. You return the bell when you're done.

More climbs, but gradual.
Misty morning, fresh air.

Took a picture, in case i don't remember which way to go.

This way to the switchbacks then back to Manzanita Trail.

I don't know why but this flower just popped and grabbed my attention.

I decided to run the same trail two weeks ago. I ran up to Horse Camp Trail, then to East Boundary Trail, then back down to Manzanita Trail, then back to Horse Camp again. I closed the loop on Manzanita trail--was curious to see the gnarly downhill. I felt my knee tweak a little because it of the steepness and I didn't want to slip. I was hesitant on my commitment to my foot landing and that made it even more difficult to maintain a downhill pace. Once I told myself to relax it became somewhat easier on the knees. It's going to take a few more sessions of this downhill running before I can let myself go. As soon as I came out of Manzanita trail and on to Horse Camp, I was greeted by a big dog staring up at me! He had on a choker and looked mean, he didn't growl or anything. I thought this is the day I get bit. I moved slowly and saw that his momma was just up ahead the trail. I called out to her, "Is your dog okay?" What I wanted to say was "Your dog is looking at me like I'm his meal!"  She called him and he was fine. Whew!
A little bit of uphill

This is a good place to rest after the climb you might want to stretch and refuel.

I kinda of missed this sign two weeks ago. I made a wrong turn. Not today.

Poison Oak: Leaves of three, let them be! 

I love the moss hanging from the trees. Or are they?

I've reached the top...

Nice view, but the fog is covering most of it.

The start of the downhill back to Manzanita Trail

Where I came from

I decided to stay on East Boundary... that I can shoot out of Islay Trail...

Finally on Islay Trail, but I had 3 more miles to get back to Pecho Road.

I went up the East Boundary switchbacks a second time and felt strong. I am digging this trail. After the switchbacks I ran continued up East Boundary until  I was back down to Islay Trail. I contemplated going back to Horse Camp and one more time on Manzanita Trail.  After a few minutes on  Horse Camp, reality set in. I turned around; time to head home. I realized that I would have to come back the same way and the other way is uphill. I just didn't have enough to go one more round since I was running on empty.  I could do one more loop, but that would mean fueling up; and this is not what I wanted to do. 

Let me explain. This type of run today was a carb-depleted run, meaning I had no breakfast before the run and all I had with me was 40 ounces of water. I am trying to train my body to run efficiently and use fat as fuel, instead of carbs. Mind you, the body has enough glycogen in the liver, which is about two hours worth. So beyond two hours is when it kicks in. I had Gels with me in case of emergency if ever I get into trouble or something. I just didn't want to pop a GU gel just to get home. That would defeat my purpose. I called it a day and came back down from the trail and ran two easy miles as a cool-down.  Running on empty sure felt like the last leg of a marathon. I was glad that it was over and I didn't need to Gu afterall. But as soon as I got home, I downed my muscle milk, which contains about 20 grams of protein to replenish my glycogen stores. Met up with two running buddies while I ate a banana and bagel with cream cheese and my first cup of coffee for the day. This was another successful run.

I like alternating the long run with trail and road running. It keeps it interesting and I finding that more and more that there is no need for music.  I ran up the trail and realized only at the end, that I was unplugged. That showed me I must have truly enjoyed the trail run.

Week 5 is done and in the books! Another great week.  I'm looking forward to next week which means I am a third of the way with the program. I can't believe it is humming along so fast.

Happy trails!

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