Sunday, August 19, 2012

CIM 2012: Week 1

(I'm trying to get caught up with my blogging. This was from three weeks ago.)

Week 1

Monday--yoga at noon
Tuesday--cardio--bike, elliptical, stairmaster: 25 minutes
Wednesday--pilates, speed 4.85M
Friday-- strides 1.5M
Saturday-tempo 6M
Sunday--long run 12M
Total Miles--26M

The StairMaster and me: we used to be buddies
Great first week. Nothing hurts. Monday was a yoga day and it boggles my mind, why I waited so long to incorporate this into my running. I've been at it for 7 weeks now, and I feel a huge difference in my running already. I never realized how stiff I am until I started back up.

I spent a half hour on the machines on Tuesday. It was tough. I don't know how I was able to stay on these machines before: I used to spend 60 minutes on the stairmaster back in the day. Today I can only stomach five! I was able to do ten minutes each on the elliptical and the bike.  It just takes so long and sooo boring.   But I am sticking to my plan and  I have to do this.

Speed on Wednesday night was challenging having to do 2400m x 2.  The first set I ran too hard, I was forced to stop at the fifth lap so I took it as a rest period, then hauled ass on the 6th lap.  The next set I paced myself better and was able to complete the full 6 lappers. I averaged 8:11 for the last 2400.  It's all good with lots of room for improvement.

Thursday was power. I'm glad I'm back at this. I used to do this twice a week, but fell of the wagon. Getting back was a little rough since the body forgot the pain. Now, thanks to the 7 weeks of repetitive bout, I can't feel any more soreness the next day. That means we're getting stronger!

I was feeling Cardio again so Friday I was determined to slay the beasts. Elliptical and Bike for 10 minutes each and another steps machine, not stairmaster (instead it looks like an escalator) for five minutes.

I ran a six miler on Saturday for a tempo. I needed to do about 2.5 miles at 8:21 pace. Got it done.

Sunday was a long run for 12.42 miles. Average pace was 10:06. I planned on 10:25 pace but I went a little faster as you can see. With this long run, I threw in a tempo pace near the end at 8:39 pace for 2 miles. I was worried about it because I've always been afraid that I might hurt something going from moderate to fast like that. So yes, it happened, somewhere near my ankle bone there was a mad spot. It was quite sore as I finished. So instead of pushing it by running 2 more miles to get home, I called Hubby and he picked me up. It's a good thing I am more alert now to little twinges. If I ignored this, I would have for sure had 3-4 days of training setback--way too early to be going through this in week 1. Foam rolling and icing did the trick and no days missed in training from Week 2.

Week 1 was great!

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