Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NYC Marathon Training Week #16 Wrapping 1st Week of Taper

Sorry for the late post. Life's been so busy...

Saturday 4 Mile Pace Run
I got out a little too late at 9:25 am. It was unusually hot and humid.  I thought it was going to be easy whipping out a 4 mile pace run--but not so much. It was a most humbling running experience today. I was reminded not to be so cocky readily thinking it will be easy to run this.  No matter how good I feel, weather plays a huge factor. It can be miserable or perfect. Today was such an example. Please Running Gods, shower us with good weather on Nov 6th. Please save the high humidity, wind and rain some other day. Even then, my final overall pace was a 9:02.  Was so glad I only had to do 4 miles today.  Anymore in this humidity, I probably would not have lasted.
Sunday 12 Miler-Last Long Run
I was aiming to throw some MP somewhere along the end here.  Since my run Saturday was a little humbling I tried to get up earlier to take advantage of the cooler temperatures. I was bummed about the cancellation of the ½ marathon that I was going to use as a tune up race. However when this day finally rolled around, I was happy that I didn’t have this race. I realized it was much too close to the marathon. I may not have time to recover.  I’ll take that as divine intervention.
I was out of sort today maybe it was the pace run yesterday, I seemed to have lost a little bit of confidence about hitting my goal pace. I tried to run relaxed in the beginning telling myself that this is the final long run and nothing more.  I was a bit tentative, tense and worried about picking up the pace.  My breathing was erratic—started to suck air—not good. I was glad this was just a training run. This is what I do not want to do in NY. I have to learn to relax. The first mile was great. I slowed just enough but started picking it as the miles came by.  By the end of the run I was running an 8:17 pace for the last mile.  Overall, the first half was a 9:27 pace and the last half at 8:54 pace.  I dropped 33 seconds per mile in the second half.  My average pace was 9:11 for the 12 miles.  I missed my MP by 2 seconds, however I ran a negative spit—good enough for today.
I am so looking forward to a wonderful 2nd week of taper.  There is so much to do and so little time.
I still have to unpack.  Yes, I packed my suitcase back in May and now have to unpack to reassess what kind of stuff I really need.   I do have a marathon checklist that I am working on and will post soon.
Meanwhile, happy running and may you run healthy and injury-free!
Week #17 (Week #2 of Taper period) looks like this:
Monday --Rest
Tuesday —4 mi easy
Wednesday—30 tempo
Thursday —4
Friday —Rest
Saturday— 4 mi easy
Sunday —8 mi easy


  1. Hi Eileen- I can't believe 7 more days!! What are you wearing at the starting line? I bought a pair of sweat pants/hoodie to toss. Did you keep your jacket till the end and then checked it in? I'm in the third wave and have a ling wait. What time are you going to the expo on Friday? Had to run 4 miles a the gym today...pretty bad snowstorm here. It seems that I might have to do my last long run at the gym tomorrow too. Anyway have a great week and safe trip.

  2. Email me at, we can hook up on Friday. I want to do a 2 miler shakeout run at cp on sat, if you want to join me.

  3. Hi MMV, probably wear shorts and and tank with arm sleeves. Then waer my charity clothes over that. I tossed the charity clothes right after the gun went off. The sun warmed up as if on cue. i'd like to get to the expo by 10 so i can meet hal higdon. i heard it snowed on saturday too. no fun running on the dreadmill but small sacrifice until 7 days! can you believe it?