Thursday, October 6, 2011

NYC Marathon Training Week #14: Rest Easy Wednesday & Tempo Thursday

Wednesday-Rain, Rain Go Away

I do love the rain and running in it, but if I have to run a tempo workout, well not so much. I have to hit a certain pace and it's hard to do when it's wet. On top of that, I left my charger at home. My watch is very important to tonight's run. Without it, I wouldn't know if I  hit my pace or not. The only option is to wait til tomorrow. I am not worried, it will work out better since I do have some lingering soreness that will definitely wear out with one more day of rest. Things have a way of working out. So rest Wednesday, tempo Thursday, recovery run Friday, easy run Saturday,  and an easy 12 on Sunday. I think this is a good plan!

Thursday Tempo

Resting yesterday and postponing tempo work to today turned out to be a good call because I needed time for my sore ankles. I warmed up by running from the office to the track during my lunch hour. I ran a few strides to wake up the legs then got right down to business. Surprisingly, my time was identical to my last tempo run 3 weeks ago--down to the very last second at 29:09! Tempo pace average was 8:19 for 3.5 miles. The difference this time around was that I felt I was cruising and and not working as hard.  I could have pushed more, but I was eager to maintain an even effort throughout the 14 laps. I focused and tried hard not to let my mind wander. It worked. I held back the first lap unlike 3 weeks ago when I forced a 7:49 pace right out of the gate. 

For the 14 laps it look like this:  2:06/ 2:02/ 2:03/ 2:04/ 2:05/ 2:03/ 2:07/ 2:08/ 2:07/ 2:09/ 2:08/ 2:07/ 2:01/ 2:01

You could tell from the results that I was slowing down, but compared to the last time, I was less all over the place: 1:57/ 2:02/ 1:58/ 2:02/  2:06/ 2:08/ 2:07/  2:07/ 2:08/ 2:09/  2:10/ 2:08/ 2:10/ 1:53

The odd thing was I had the same average for both times at 2:05. But the earlier set, I felt I had to work much harder. Went into oxygen debt especially after the first fast lap. I like the fact that I saved the best for last, both tempo times. The track is fast becoming my friend. 

Warm up 1.46 mi (10:23 pace) bpm 142 @81%
tempo 3.50 mi (8:19 pace) 159 bpm @90%
cool down 1.36 mi (8:45 pace) 153 @87%

29 days left! I need Superman to spin the earth backwards to slow down time! It's happening way too fast!  Happy Running!


  1. Hi Eileen- Hope training is going well. Happy Belated! You are right time is flying by. Last year did run the upper or lower level on the Verrazano? A great week!

  2. Lol! I knew what you meant. I ran on top of the bridge last time and will again is year. I was hoping for the bottom, I heard there's less slope. But the view makes up for it. What do I care, I'm in New York! Whats your wave and what village are you in? How did your 18 miler go in Central Park? I'll hit the expo on Fri. We are so close! You too have a fab week!

  3. The 18 miler went helped me tweak my hydration. Are you bringing your fam this time? I will also be attending the expo on Friday afternoon. My bib# 58782, Green wave#3 corral #58. How many pit stops did you make during the marathon, I'm not that fast and stopping will just add more time...but if nature call what to do :))

  4. Good for you about your hydration plans. no fam this time again. costs too much, maybe next time. I took 2 bathroom breaks which took me 4 min! i had to! maybe we can meet at the expo!

  5. I thought I posted a response the other day. Anyway, as time gets closer I'll let you know what time I'll be at the expo maybe we can coordinate a time to meet! :)