Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Garmin 610 is Reverse Charging?

You're barely 9 months to be going bonkers on me Garmin 610. Better shape up or I'll ship you out.

Okay, let me back up...I woke up this morning pumped up and ready to run my tempo workout.  I was so excited because my legs were fresh (imagine three days worth of no running) and I was super stoke to see what I could do.

I got my breakfast, toast, a fried egg with ketchup and super strong Keurig coffee. Yummy! I was caffeinated to the gills. I took my time putting on my gear. When everything was set, my last item was  my Garmin 610.  I picked it up from the charger and was so disappointed to see it with a blank screen.  It  had no charge for whatever reason.

WTF? I had it plugged in all night.  I was so bummed.  This couldn't be happening today.   This was an important workout. Even more important is the race I have this weekend. More panic--OMG, I couldn't race without my Garmin.  I was so pathetic.  I need to know my splits, my pace and my distance.  I can't run without it. Look at me.  What have I done to myself?  I've become completely reliant on this beast on my wrist.

I hunted down my old Timex Ironman watch.
I fumbled over all the buttons. Sad to say I am no longer used to the buttons. I had to re-learn the reset and start/stop buttons.  That was so annoying pushing the wrong one in the middle of a lap. To find out that you've reset when you meant to stop it. Aargh! I don't want to run with this watch. I made a call to Garmin.

I waited on the phone for 7 minutes, my cell phone minutes ticking away. I don't usually mind  being on hold but I don't have unlimited minutes, so actually I do mind. Very much.  Finally, "Sean" get's on.  I explained to him that my watch has been  chirping on and off when on the charging cable for weeks. I didn't think anything was wrong.  This morning, it cycled through blank screen then the Garmin logo screen, then back to the blank screen.  I told him that it had 85% charge after I plugged it back on the wall socket.  Then I pulled it off thinking it might just need a little spark of electricity to jar its memories and thinking 85% is enough to go on an 1.5 hour run. But as soon as I put it on my wrist, it gave me a beep with the message "Low Battery" then went blank, completely.   Then I thought, okay then my run will be a little delayed, I can't go now so I will wait another half hour and see if it will act okay.  I plugged it back.  Half hour later, I checked and it read  58% charge. 

Is this normal, Sean?


So what do we do now?

Master RESET.

I was so glad I downloaded all my data before I called.  Otherwise the master reset would have deleted everything.  He asked me to hold down all three buttons at the same time until I heard an audible beep.  After the beep I had to let go the top two buttons and hold down just the bottom button until the second beep.  I had to try twice, it was tricky letting the two buttons go and hold down just the last.  The Garmin logo came up and I had to re-enter my user info starting with the language. Then I was told to plug it back in and pay attention to the charge--it should increase.  If it does, leave it on until 100%.  Even if it does not increase "Sean" said the watch will know to start back up.  Thanks Sean from Garmin!

Good news, the battery indicator had  slowly been creeping up from 43% to 58%.  So I was relieved that my watch is not broken and I didn't have to think about packing it up for repair or service in the most crucial weeks of my training for this marathon. The thought of training without a watch in the most important weeks of training gave me a scare.

So for those of you who have this reverse-charging Garmin problem scare don't panic yet  Just do a master reset and all will be well.  But before you do the master reset, make sure you save you data in your computer first.

Further, Sean confirmed that  If you see “reverse charging” on your device, it means only that the fuel gauge in your device has lost its calibration. "When gauge state becomes higher than the actual charge of the battery, it will decrease as it recalibrates toward the correct value. If you see this occur, the correct response is to simply let your device continue charging. This issue is most prevalent if your device has automatically shut down due to a low battery."

Well that's my morning so far.  It looks like it will be around lunchtime before I can do my run.  Time to dig in the fridge for leftovers...

Yeay! Showing 69%--it's looking promising!

Happy running!

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