Saturday, March 9, 2013

Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller


I have a new toy! I thought,  What would be a great reward for myself for doing such an awesome job in training for Napa?  I have been wanting this forever. Thank you me! You shouldn't have.

The Grid foam roller comes in two colors, black and orange.  I picked orange so that I can spot this easily. Black blends too much in the background. Plus, I don't know what it is about me lately.  I've been picking super bright colors.

I decided to get the short 13" as opposed to the 26" since I am small in stature. And yes, it is cheaper if you get the smaller one. I stopped by the  and got a 10% SLDC membership discount.

I didn't realize just how tight my gluteals/piriformis are again after this last marathon in Napa. Rolling it for a few seconds back and forth--definitely helps iron out the kinks. It also worked great on my tight calves and IT band. I didn't even realize that they were also so tight until I used this grid.

In the first time I rolled, it was painful. Then after going through back and forth for a minute or two, it was better. If there is no pain, then you can safely assume there is no tightness or kinks to work out. The trick is finding that tight ball and just working it. I find taking a deep breaths helps.

I'm going to be religious about utilizing this Grid to decrease my risk for injury. After using it for only a day,I already feel the difference.  It already released that ball of muscle that has been tight for so long. Why didn't I do this sooner?

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