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Stride with the Tide 5K

Stride with the Tide, July 21, 2012

man, this weekend is full of running activities! it was hard to choose. i almost gambled and did a back to back 5Ks. it was stupid, and finally i did something right: i asked my two running friends for advice: advice i knew would be sane. i just needed to hear it out loud. boy! after the the 5k, was i thankful i had fresher legs.

seeing that i couldn't race this 5k beach run, i decided to volunteer and cheer on my best buddy to her 5k age group win. being on the other side of the fence gave me a chance to appreciate the volunteers even more. they sure do a great job; without the volunteers, this race wouldn't be possible or any race for that matter.   check out this evidence from camarillo marathon 2010 with no volunteers, just water jugs, no cups. picture courtesy of
Can you imagine a volunteer-less race? Help yourself to the jug...

stride with the tide was held at pismo beach and to the sand dunes of oceano, a mile and a half turn-around loop.  Weather was foggy and misty. the race felt so fast, before i knew it, the fastest kid came back at 16 minutes and some change! all the fast ones started rolling in after him. there were some older men in their late 50s and a 65 year old contending with the kids, doing under 21 minutes! it was pretty entertaining seeing about 25 guys dry heaving at the finish, coughing, double over, spittle out of their mouths, and plain thankful the pain was all over.  i looked over at the other volunteer and asked, "do we ever look like these guys after a 5K?" Laughing, he commented it looked liked a war zone out there. maybe i need to push it like this next time? tomorrow?

i anticipated heidi to stroll in about 25-26 minutes. like clockwork she appeared looking as strong as ever. heidi earned a fabulous 3rd place finish in her age group!  this beach run is hard, even though it was hard pack sand, there's give so you still have to push hard. your achilles and calves are being worked at the push off.  i was glad i listened to my friends and didn't participate. my lower legs would have been sore and my effort for the next day would have been half-cooked.

the best part of the day was witnessing a great finish:  a 96-year old man finished the 5k.  long after every medal was distributed, after every walker, runner, spectator and even the volunteers packed and gone, he crossed the finish line and never gave up.  he inspired me today. he was flanked by two other volunteers making sure he was safe. he's was not my great-grand-pa, nor my grandfather. he was somebody else's father, uncle and husband, but i was proud of him just the same.  when i grow up i want to be like bill siler--still running strong and living what he loves to do...go Mr. Siler!

enjoy the pictures!

Volunteers Cynthia, Debbie and Heidi

Heidi and Debbie at the start

353 racers waiting at the start

5k runners woke up early Saturday to race Stride with the Tide

There they go! See the lone stroller? Matt Ruane would finish sub-19 minutes!

Matt Ruane from Los Osos with the stroller, he's just warming up!

'Lil kid has a perfect stride!

Is that my Summertime (my dog-those of you who don't know), what's she doing here?
Here's that crazy dog. That's how she sleeps.

Aww, was I wishing I was out there? Yup...

...but it's for my own to save the legs for the triathlon-relay tomorrow...

The familiar gait! That's Heidi!

Bring it home sistah!

Kick! Kick! Kick!

Debbie for her 1st place age-group win!

You got this Debbie!

Bill Siler on the left, 96 years young, proudly wearing his 1st place medal! Sorry I didn't get the volunteer's name, but this man and Kevin Cooper (not picture here) ran with Mr. Siler to the finish!

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