Saturday, April 21, 2012

Eve of SLO Marathon & Training Weeks #4-7

marathon eve! yeowsie! i blinked and now here it is. seems it was just like yesterday when we were off to arizona for spring break.  i've been so busy at work lately that when i come home, i do nothing but watch some brain dead reality tv and yes, i am all caught up with snooki and the gang. i've neglected to keep you abreast of my training for weeks 4 through 7, and for that, i apologize.

it is 7:15 pm right now, and i should be hitting the hay soon--well after i eat my huge bowl of spaghetti.  i am due to wake up at 2:30 am to eat my breakfast, get ready for my marathon ritual. will post all pictures and all the happenings after the event.  feeling just okay. i am wishing i had more time to train. so for right now, i am just going with the flow. no pr expectations, i am just going to have fun and enjoy this inaugural marathon in my adopted city. in the meantime enjoy the photos of Jennifer St Bridge.  it is the one spot i am anticipating that may give me slight trouble with all the acute turns--seven in all.

The mountain  on the left is where the finish is.

Trying to show you the ramp...

After the ramps, here we are at the top of the Bridge.

A very very slight incline...

Another shot of Cerro San Luis or as people commonly call it Madonna Mountain

This is the Amtrak tracks

Another shot of the ramps...

Looking down on Osos Street, less than 2 miles towards the finish.
until then, happy running folks!

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