Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Napa Valley Marathon Training Week #7

Week #7

Mon Power
Tues 6 mi  5.48 mi
Wed 7x800 Yassos
Thu 5 recovery 6 miles
Fri Rest
Sat 6 miles Rest
Sun 12 miles

Total Mileage: 29.56
% Change from previous week: -29%

Monday was Power night. It was uneventful, although I am feeling much stronger already.  The lunges and squats are helping quite a bit.

Tuesday was supposed to be a morning run, but the cold weather defeated me.  I postponed it to lunchtime where I ran with my running buddy Heidi.  We ran up to Cal Poly and around the campus for a sweet 9:30 pace. My legs were surprisingly not sore at all.  I am loving what Power is doing to my leg strength.

Wednesday was a Yasso day. It was a very cold evening at the track.  I almost bailed. It was a good thing I stuffed several layers in my gym bag to keep warm.  I was a bit worried because I only completed 5 last week and now I was jumping to 7 repeats.  But it turned out positive.  My splits were: 3:47/3:48/3:57/3:54/3:55/3:55/4:00.  I can explain the last one.  I stood completely still on the recovery for 5 minutes, contemplating calling it a night after 6 Yassos.  But I shook off the negativity and managed to eek out the last one.  But by then, my muscles have already gotten cold.  My perceived effort was off.  I thought I was running super fast, when in reality, I had the worst split. I blame it on the cold.  I feel a slight improvement over my Yassos from last week. The effort seem easier this time around.

Thursday was a recovery day at 9:35 pace done at Cal Poly, my usual lunchtime loop, with my friend, Ingrid. I was not sore, but my legs were definitely fatigue.  It was hard to explain, but my pace definitely pointed to the fact that my muscles were tired from the workout the night before.

I rested both on Friday and Saturday. The wind and storm set up the day for me to cancel the run on Saturday. I had no motivation to brave the elements.  I was a wimp. Seeing the trees and leaves whipped back and forth made me realize how hard was to run and fight 22 mph wind.  I decided to give in.  Highly unusual for me to do this.  Buy, hey, sometimes you got to do this.  I was feeling guilty for the rest of the day and tried to console myself with an epic run on Sunday to make up for my laziness.

Sunday's run was awesome. One thing I was not proud about was running out without stretching.  I was lazy and I couldn't wait to get out there.   In the middle of the run, I felt my hips squawk a bit.  A friendly little reminder that I needed to stretch and cannot toy with the body anymore.  This will be the last time I won't stretch. I have to remember to stretch. I ain't getting any younger.

I completed the run with a negative split.  The first half was done at 9:43 pace and the second half at 9:28 pace. My overall pace was 9:35. I am stoked about that since I ran Turri Road, and it is a hilly course.  This route used to intimidate me and it would take an effort for me to come to grips about running it. I had to get into the mindset.  But now, the hills have become my friend.  So was this an epic run? Yes it was.  For one thing, this is my fastest long run so far this training cycle.  (But then again I cheated.  I didn't run the day before, so naturally, I had fresher legs.)

In the middle of my run, I was greeted by a blue heron on Turri Road. It was a nice surprise.  But he was scared of me.  As I pulled out my camera he moved away. We played this game twice.  I inched closer, he would move three feet.  I was surprised to see how big he was.  Such a magnificent bird.  It was surely sight for sore eyes.  And that's how Week #7 ended for me: Superb!
Whoa! I swear he was much closer than this.

Can you see Mr. Blue?

He is right there!

May you run long and happy!

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