Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Napa Valley Marathon Training Week 11

It has been a while since I have posted.  Sandwiched between the holidays, my little girl’s 12th b-day came barreling at me in awesome speed. I barely had time to get my runs in, but I did manage to get them in.  I just have been doing a poor job logging in my miles. It’s because I had unknowingly wiped out my calendar clean.  I had been logging my morning heart rate and weight first thing in the morning and my miles on my ipad calendar.  When I synched my ipad to my computer, it told me that I had the option to update to OS 5.00.  The sound of getting something new always gets me giddy.  I put off downloading the new software and rightfully so since the cause of my hesitation was the fact that the little message came on that said, some of my stuff would be erased.  Well it said it in much more flowery language and being the idiot that I am pushed yes! So it did, I have now overhauled my system to the updated one sans my NYC training data!  I wanted to crawl in a small space and cry.  But the good news is my entry in the Daily Mile would save me. It’s just a lot of work having to transfer every single day in manually!  I wished there was an exporting device that I could use.

I have been formulating my training plan for Napa 2012. As you can tell, I don’t have the luxury of training 18 weeks using Hal Higdon’s Plan. After CIM, I merely have 13 weeks, and one of those weeks is technically my recovery week.  I have to condense 18 weeks of training into 12 and hope that it will be enough.   The tricky part is finding that balance between rest and hard work.  I finally devised a plan. And I hope it works.

I just finished Week 12 with roughly 25 miles:

Mon – Rest

Tuesday – Easy (4.41mi)
I ran with the Running Divas. I could only go for 1 mile with them, then puttered out. They are like gazelles.  I love running with them.

Wed – 5x200m hill repeats (3.1 mi)
Hill kicked my butt. I went back to Lizzie Hill for some tastes of steepness. I knew I would need some rest come Thursday.

Thursday – Rest

Fri – Fast (5.71 mi)
I forgot to set my Garmin. I ran with my other morning running buddy, Mora. It felt like we ran faster than normal.

Sat – Rest
Sun – Long Run (12 mi)
I ran one loop of Turri Road. This was awesome. I’ve incorporated back one minute walk breaks per 10 minutes of running. Jeff Galloway would be so proud. Including the walk breaks my pace was 9:45 for a hilly route.

It was an awesome week, on the whole.  A little low on the miles, but I am not worried about it. I wanted to make sure that I eased back into the mileage. I’ve learned to be patient. It was around this time last year that I injured myself doing too much.
Happy Running!

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