Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NYC Marathon Training Week #8: Mid-Week Long Run & Tempo

Rest-Rest-Rest.  Today I woke up with sore hips from Sunday’s long run.  My abs hurt too, from fighting the wind on my return trip back at the turnaround from my long run. I never realized to what extent I use my core for running--and I only took notice because they are sore. It's a good sore, however.

Legs were still a tad bit worked from Sunday. So I thought I’d milk my rest and push my run until I got home from work. That gave me several more hours to recover before I tackled the 8 mile sorta-long-run. Also, it's been a lot warmer in San Luis during the day, so I've been opting to do my runs in foggy Los Osos.

Yikes! We are getting up there. I’m looking at a 42-mile week for Week #8.  I have to pay careful attention to the body now that I am facing unchartered territory: being this high of a mileage and only in the 8th week.  I can already feel how my body is reacting to the torture and stress I’m putting it against. I guess you can say I am dangerously teeter-tottering around my injury threshold.  I will figure this out as I go along with the program. I am hoping that it will adapt nicely.

I ran 1 mile of warm up and 1 mile of cool down and in between 15 x 400s around the track. 
It worked out that I ran 32 minutes of tempo instead of the 25 minutes. I was so focused on not looking at my Garmin and trying to pay attention to my pace by feel that I over shot my mileage by 3 laps and 7 extra minutes. In hindsight I could have pushed it just a little bit more, but this will have to do. The tempo was done at 92% max of HR, so I am happy with that. My pace was 8:31 and I will take that as well. We are halfway through the week and so far I am feeling great. 
Looking forward to the harder segments this weekend. The plan for Week 8 looks like this from Hal Higdon's Adv 1 Marathon Program:

MON –R-e-s-t
WED–40 tempo (5 mi)
FRI– R-e-s-t

Happy Running! 

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