Sunday, September 19, 2010

7 weeks to New York City Marathon

But who is counting? I can't wait.  To stave off my excitement, I've been watching YouTube videos of the 2009 marathon.  It seems counterproductive, however.  I just get more and more excited wishing I can fast forward time to Nov 7th.  But it will be here before I know it.  Today marks Week #9 of the 16 weeks of training program for NY.  It is hard to believe that we're more than halfway through the Runner's World Program.  We ran 18 miles from Paso Robles Airport to San Miguel and turned around. Ran it with my fellow New Yorker Class of 2010, Heidi.  It is so much easier to complete the long runs with company. Time goes by quickly.  We motivate each other in ways we don't normally give a second thought to.  That's always a plus.

We've never ran through the sleepy town of San Miguel before. It is a small quaint town, we often pass through it when driving by I-101 going north. It was quiet, this overcast morning with a few people out and about.  The course had a few rolling hills.  Noticed the roads were newly fixed with brand spanking new asphalt. It was a treat to run in it. It was a good day, we managed to stick to a 9:51 pace.  First time ever for an 18 miler for me. We were done in 2:57!  Heidi is a believer, I was skeptical, at first. I didn't share that with her.  I have to learn to believe in this training program.  So far it's been great. Today, I am a believer.  For New York I will have to write the words "BELIEVE" on my forearm, so that when I do get tired, all I have to do is read it. This will be my New York mantra. Wooo hooo!

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